Hey y’all

Let me first share with you very good news: on October 3rd I passed my fifth exam (SMR) and successfully completed APICS CPIM certification.
It means my long journey came to an end and I can publish my SMR notes on the website so don’t wait any longer and check it out!
Wishing you good luck with your preparations I am curious to see how it went so let us know in the comments section. And remember, sky is the limit!


Hello all the readers,

This is my first post and I want to tell you how I managed to take and pass four out of five exams in 10 months, all in my first attempt. Once I decided to study for APICS I asked my colleague to lend my all his study materials he used in the past (money saved :)). For me it’s been a long time since I studied for any kind of exam so in the beginning it was pretty tough but I knew that self-studying and taking notes is a best method that would work in my case and it paid off later on. Maybe it’s also a good way for you, that’s a question you need to ask yourself. I must say I spent pretty much time on studying, reading ca. 500 to 600 pages per module, then summarizing the content in a form of study notes and finally taking around 400 test questions before saying that I am ready for the exam. Finally I found this method successful so I can recommend it as one of best techniques when you are time constrained (e.g. you can study only at night).

I can’t say that the content of my website is fully sufficient in case you are looking for a comprehensive summary. It’s because I missed some part of material based on my knowledge at that time (not including terms that seemed pretty obvious to me, that’s why BSC is so poor). Still I am recommending my study notes/formulas/definitions just before your exam if your wish is to have it well-organized and grouped especially if you don’t have plenty of time for studying and you believe that your years spent in the industry guarantee a pretty solid level of expertise. It can happen that content of various modules overlaps but that’s the nature of this course.

After you gain that general understanding of manufacturing and planning concepts you can read my notes and take as much pre-tests as you can repeating all the questions you answered wrongly and understanding the reasoning behind it. Just be smart, study by understanding what you read, if you don’t follow take a break, discuss it with your colleagues at work. This, I hope, will help you make the first step towards APICS CPIM certification.


Hi there,

Welcome to my website that was developed with one aim only: to help you pursue APICS CPIM designation!

You are allowed to use all the materials you find on this site, including copying, reproducing and sharing with others.

Please share your comments in the comments section if my study notes helped you pass any of the modules, and support others in their attempts.

And remember: this journey is not a 100 meters sprint, it’s a much longer run and you need to find your own pace in order to get to the finish line. So I wish you good luck and I cross fingers for you!